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Transferring Film

We can convert your film media to DVD, Blu-ray or hard drive.


Your videos are converted locally and we take great care with your items to ensure the highest standard.


Each film is transferred at the highest resolution possible with the intent that you can view your moments on any display.


Our pricing is kept simple based on giving you the highest quality of transfer each and every time. However, if pricing is a concern we have other options available.


We welcome any questions you may have.

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Mini DV, Hi-8, and VHS cassettes

The Process: How We Do It


Consultation: We invite you to discuss your media transfer needs with us.



Cataloging: All of your items are cataloged for ease of mind.



Transferring To The Computer:

VHS: Using the finest analog to digital converter the tape is captured in the highest quality, uncompressed format.


8mm,Hi8,Mini DV, & D8 Tapes: Tapes are captured in the highest quality, uncompressed format using a firewire connection or a first-class analog to digital converter.


8mm & Super 8mm Film: Each film reel is cleaned and lubricated by hand. During cleaning your films are inspected for cracks, tears, and residue. The film is then allowed to cure and lubricate for two days.


When curing is complete your movie is captured through a telecine machine which takes a high resolution photo of each frame. These images are then combined to recreate your movie.



Processing: Using state of the art technology and software, color correction and chapters are applied to your video at no additional cost.



Finalizing: We transfer your video to the most compatible DVD or external hard drive for your enjoyment.

Transfer Pricing


Tape Conversion with DVD $20


3" reel with DVD         $20


5" reel with DVD         $50


7" reel with DVD         $100


Duplicate DVD's          $10

What most of us have tucked away in our closets.

Film being inspected and cleaned.

Part of the film repair process.

Metal reel and film from 1932.

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