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Other Services

We can create compilation videos, restore photos, or repair most video and cassette tapes.


Everything is converted locally and we take great care with your items to ensure the highest standard. We treat everything we receive from you as our own.


Each film is transferred at the highest resolution possible for any format with the intent that you can view your moments on any display.


Our pricing is kept simple based on giving you the highest quality of transfer each and every time. However, if pricing is a concern we have other options available.


We welcome any questions you may have.

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Compilation DVD     $250


Photo Restoration   $50


VHS Cassette Repair $15



The Process: How We Do It


Consultation: We invite you to discuss your media transfer needs with us.



Cataloging: All of your items are cataloged for ease of mind.



Video Compilation: Whether its for a birthday, wedding, celebration of life, or anniversary; My Media Keep specializes in creating videos for any occasion.


The videos and pictures provided are transferred to the computer beginning the process of creating your personalized video.


We blend transitions, effects, and music into your video creating an experience that will personally affect each viewer.


These effects are built into our base price at no additional charge.


Most videos usually contain 2-3 songs and about 150 pictures. Video may also be added.



Photo Restoration: Your damaged photo is scanned at an ultra high resolution and color depth for the best detail possible.


Each photo is painstakingly restored to recreate moments that were previously lost.



Tape Repair: My Media Keep can repair most damaged VHS or cassette tapes to restore them back to playable condition.



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Example of photo restoration

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