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We keep pricing simple and give you the information needed for the archival of your videos, pictures, and audio.


This means no guesswork on how many feet of film and what format you have. It also means not worrying about sorting through 1000's of photos looking for duplicates.


We have a passion for what we do and the people we help. We strive to give you exceptional quality each and every time.



We welcome any questions you may have.

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Film Pricing


VHS: VHS transfer with DVD $20


Hi8 Cassette: Hi8 transfer with DVD $20


MiniDV Cassette: MiniDV transfer with DVD $20


8mm Films: 3" reel with DVD $20

             5" reel with DVD $50

             7" reel with DVD $100


Super 8mm Film: 3" reel with DVD $20

                   5" reel with DVD $50

                   7" reel with DVD $100




Photo Pricing


Photos: Scanned at 800 dpi      $.50


Negatives: Scanned at 5000 dpi $.50


Slides: Scanned at 5000 dpi     $.50




Audio Pricing


Audio Reels: Audio reel transfer with CD        $20


Vinyl Records: Vinyl record transfer with CD    $20


Audio Cassettes: Audio cassette transfer with CD $20




Other Services


Montage Video: Video with DVD (3 Songs)        $300


Photo Restoration: Photo restoration with CD  $50


Tape Repair: VHS or tape repair                $15






Backup to Hard Drive: We will copy your project to a provided external hard drive or USB at no additional cost. The storage capacity needed will vary depending on the project.


Montage Extras: Transitions, effects, and music are included in your video compilation package at no additional cost.


Video Extras: Color correction and chapters are included on all videos as a courtesy to you.


Duplicate Picture Removal: We use specialized software to identify duplicates of photos that may have been included and remove them. You are not charged for duplicate scanned images.


Film Restoration: Film cleaning, conditioning, splices and repair are included as a courtesy to you.


Duplicate Copies of CD's and DVD's: Additional copies of your transferred moments make wonderful gifts. Each additional disc $10.


Photo scans in Album: We take great care in removing them from the album. After scanning the photos are placed with but not back in albums. Album photos are scanned at 800 dpi $.65 each.


Scrapbook Scanning: Large or irregular sized documents can be preserved for you. Scans are $1.50 per page at 800 dpi.


Gift Certificates: Gift certificates can be provided for any occasion and any amount.


Shipping: If local delivery is not available we will return all of your items insured and with tracking. number for your ease of mind.



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