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Audio Conversion

We can convert your audio reels, vinyl records, and cassette tapes to CD or hard drive.


Your audio is converted locally and we take great care with your items to ensure the highest standard.


Each transfer is processed to digital clarity with the intent that you can listen to your audio on any player.


Our pricing is kept simple based on giving you the highest quality of transfer each and every time. However, if pricing is a concern we have other options available.


We welcome any questions you may have.

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Transfer Pricing


Audio Reel with CD    $20


Vinyl Record with CD  $20


Cassette Tape with CD $20



Classic vinyl records

The Process: How We Do It


Consultation: We invite you to discuss your media transfer needs with us.



Cataloging: All of your items are cataloged for ease of mind.



Transferring To The Computer

Reel to Reel: Using a top of the line analog to digital converter the audio reel is captured in the highest quality, uncompressed format.


Vinyl Records: We carefully clean your records  using velvet cloth and vinyl cleaning solution. Then we utilize a state of the art computer and vinyl record player to capture that warm recognizable sound of vinyl.


Cassettes: Each cassette is run through the finest analog to digital converter to retain the highest quality, uncompressed format.




My Media Keep provides complimentary track separation for your audio files. Skip easily to the song or moment that you want to hear.


We also provide audio cleanup and noise reduction if you would like at no additional charge.



Finalizing: Your audio is transferred to the most compatible CD or external hard drive for your enjoyment.


Audio reel to reel player

Mini and audio cassettes

Vinyl record

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